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Welcome to my WEB site!
Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe. (Galileo Galilei)

Chaos and Symmetry - Sounds a lot like me!

Carl Jones
Director of Curriculum
Darke County Educational Service Center

I have been involved in Mathematics Education for 35+ years and plan to stay involved for several more.  I spent nine years teaching in Williamsburg, IA and I am indebted to my first mentor there named John Gillaspie.  My thanks to him and his willingness to pick me up during my rookie years.

I then spent eleven years teaching at Ansonia, OH.  It is here that I met my second mentor, Dr. Dan Niswonger.  Dan helped me see the bigger picture of mathematics education that existed beyond my classroom walls.  He got me involved in curriculum development and got me hooked up with Dr. Frank Demanna and Dr. Bert Waits at Ohio State University.  It was in 1988 that I learned about graphing calculators and helped pilot the first Pre-Calculus textbook written by Demanna and Waits.

Throughout my career I have flowed back and forth between technology and mathematics.  Yes, I am old enough to have programmed in FORTRAN with mark sense and punch cards.  I had classes in FORTRAN, COBOL, Basic, and Pascal.   These are languages that are barely heard of any more.

I started working at the Darke County Educational Service Center as a technology coordinator.  It was an exciting time as Ohio was just beginning to fund computers in every elementary classroom and internet cable was being run through buildings by the mile.  Three years later I took the job of my retiring mentor, Dan Niswonger, as Director of Curriculum.  Since that time I have served on various state committees and work with mathematics teachers in west/southwest Ohio.

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